This is the most relatable thing I’ve ever seen

Thanks Lisa Simpson, you are now my spirit animal.

How I feel every time I see meat:

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And factory farming …

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If you give a pig a bath …

Bath time with two pigs is kind of like bath time with a hurricane. The only difference is there’s squirming, screaming and squealing.img_4123.jpg

Paxton and Cooper LOVE to play in the dirt so they need a weekly bath.

But we’re lucky if we get the boys in a bath every other week — er, month.

But I’ve found a way to make bath time a Category 1 rather than a Cat. 5.

Peanut butter.

I guess it’s more like peanut butter smeared on the side of the tub.

I smear a bit on each end of the tub, plop both boys in front of their smear, roll up my pants and sit on the side.

It works like a charm unless one finishes his peanut butter before bath time is over, one realizes the other has more peanut butter (geeze, mom), I dump too much water on their face and interrupt the peanut butter eating, or if bath time ends before they finish eating the peanut butter and they insist on standing in an empty tub until every last bit is gone (pictured above).

And by the time bath time is over, their faces are completely covered in peanut butter and I have to wipe their faces before I pull them out of the tub. It’s usually about this time one or both is throwing a piggy tantrum. Yes that’s a thing.

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After Micheal and I do our best to dry them (he’s better at it) Cooper finds the nearest blanket to burrow in. Meanwhile, Pax runs around the house rubbing up against furniture to dry himself — which I should mention, looks like he’s twerking.

[Video: What life is really like with two pigs]

More tipsimg_4132

  • Be careful not to get water in their ears
  • They don’t mind water in their face if it’s poured slowly
  • Their hooves slip, use a mat or I use my feet as support behind their back feet when I scrub them
  • Wash their hooves
  • The soap I use was recommended by my vet (pictured)

A birthday cake fit for a pig

img_4797Paxton turned one this week and like any good pig mom I made him his own birthday cake.

It was a peanut butter and apple cake with peanut butter frosting topped with strawberries and bananas.

Spoiled pig, right? He chowed the entire thing down in two bites.

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Cooper and Casey each got a little slice of cake, too. But because all three are a little lot crazy, they all ate separately.

Yes, I pulled the candle out before Pax had the chance to eat it.

Happy Birthday, Pax! 💜💜💜

[Video: What it’s really like living with two pigs]

Fun facts

Favorite food: Everything? Probably watermelon or peanut butter
Favorite music: Piano puts him to sleep but he danced with his grammy to
“Gin and Juice”
Favorite toy: Tissue paper and paper towel plastic wrap (everything but real toys)
Favorite person: Mom, though he’s really warming up to dad
Favorite spot to nap: The bed in the extra bedroom
Tricks: Can sit and spin, will sometimes close doors
Loves to: Roll in mud, take the boat to the sandbar, take naps with mom, bite toes until he gets food, have his belly rubbed

Easy (lazy) game time snacks

Hey people, Michael and I stayed home to watch the Super Bowl this year. Mostly because we want to hang with our pigs (hahaha).

I personally wanted to stay home so I could make our vegan snacks and not be around typical Super Bowl food. It’s all about the food anyway, right?

Guacamole is clearly a must. I make mine really simple with avocado, red onion, tomato and garlic salt. That’s it!

Pax & Cooper got to be my taste testers. Pigs shouldn’t have a lot of salt so they only got a bite or two. Spoiled 🐷🐷

Vegan chili

I’ve blogged about this recipe before but it’s just SO good.

Start with fresh onion, green pepper, diced tomato and garlic. Sauté for around 10 minutes then add ANY beans you want. I usually go for kidney, chili or pinto beans but black and garbanzo work, too. I use 4-6 cans.

I also add two small cans of diced green chilis and a can of tomato sauce plus salt, pepper, garlic salt and a lot of chili powder.

Other options include Beyond Meat beef crumbles or quinoa.

Let everything simmer for about an hour and serve with sliced avocado and corn chips!

Banana sushi

OK, we never got to dessert, but here’s the recipe I planned to use:

Bonus content

Let’s be honest, this post was an excuse to add photos and videos of Paxton and Cooper, so here’s them making, er, attempting to make Super Bowl picks.

6 months without meat; this is what I’ve learned

I’m about two weeks away from my 6-month mark of quitting meat.

You can call me an ethical vegetarian (I’ve learned a lot about labels) but I appreciate the health benefits, too.


If you’re new around here, the long-story-short is, I adopted a pig and couldn’t fathom eating pork anymore. That eventually turned into giving up all meat and adopting a second pig. More on that here.

It’s been a fun, hard, sad, joyous and wine-filled journey. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Everybody wants to talk about what I eat

Whether it’s around the holiday dinner table where a relative insists on asking (seriously, every time I see them) why I’m doing this while also explaining all the reasons said person could never do it, or out with friends where someone is bound to speak for me to tell the server I don’t eat meat (when did I lose my ability to speak?) someone is always talking about my diet!

Shall we talk about your diet? How many calories did you eat today? “Hey waitress, don’t offer us any desserts because my friend is on a diet and can’t eat sugar.”

I would NEVER say either one of those things, so why must we continue to discuss what I put into my body?

Don’t get me wrong, if you have questions I am more than happy to answer them. Hell, I’m even fine discussing why I’m doing this. But what I don’t need is your reason for why you choose to eat meat, nor do I need you to speak for me (I know it’s because you care, but my diet is my business, not yours).

Besides, if steak is so good (one of many excuses I hear all the time), why do we have to cook it, season it and smother it with sauce? Just food for thought …

Going out to eat is hard

I knew it was going to be hard. But what’s really frustrating is when I find myself in situations where my only options for food are chips and salsa, mac ‘n cheese or french fries.

None of these are ideal. And yes, some restaurants don’t even have salad. But surprise! I don’t want eat salad for every meal!

This requires some planning. I always look at a menu before I go so I can decide if I need to make something at home before I go out. That way I can eat something filling and healthful at home and either drink my dinner (totally have done that) or plan to munch on the chips and salsa.

Yes, I’ve become that person at restaurants. I ask to make changes to items or question if there is bacon in the salad or mac ‘n cheese or, you know, everything on the menu because in America, there is bacon in everything.

I’ve made mistakes, sometimes on purpose

I don’t eat seafood because fish have feelings, too. Seriously, it’s been proven! But the thing is, I have had seafood I believe three time in six months.

Why? Once was at a restaurant with my grandparents. I was in desperate need of protein and was stuck with a non-vegetarian friendly menu, but I really wanted to take them there because they would enjoy it.

Another time I had a bite of Michael’s conch fritters because I was tipsy at a bar and very hungry.

And one time I ordered shrimp. I don’t know why. They were gross.

Update: I went to a seafood festival this weekend and ate a lot of fried clams. No shark for me though!

I want to be vegan

I’ve touted myself as vegan(ish) a few times, which I still identify with. Some days I will eat completely vegan (no dairy or any animal products) and some days I’ll have eggs and cheese.

Yes, I know youcould never give up cheese, I’ve heard that so many times.

I can and I want to because the dairy industry is horrible! But it’s hard. Michael still eats dairy and some days it’s just easier to have to quesadilla (he makes bomb tofu quesadillas) than to figure out alternatives or eat vegan cheese which is, well, interesting.


Great vegetarian meal but the cauliflower cups have eggs and cheese

Faux meat baffles me

We’ve been eating more faux meats lately, mostly because we both desperately need the protein. We both lift weights 4-6 days a week.

The faux chicken has the same taste and texture is real chicken. How we can manipulate soy and other stuff to emulate meat completely baffles me — and totally grosses me out.

I have to track my carbs

I track protein, too, because when you give up meat, you typically head to carb-rich foods to fill that void (give me all the pasta!).

I learned pretty quick that wasn’t going to work with my body.

I never used to eat pasta and I still don’t. I’ve found other things to fill me.

Some days are really hard


Yes, I’m still missing those damn chicken wings. And some days I lose my focus and ask myself, “why am I doing this?” “Am I really making a difference?”

Yes, I am making a difference. I remind myself that no animal deserves to be killed (typically in a horrible manner) so I can enjoy a meal of its flesh.

Pass the spinach please!

I’m really happy with my choice

I get to look into the eyes of my two pigs every day and know that because of them, I’m  doing my part in this world to fight animal cruelty, speciesism, factory farming and the slaughtering of millions of animals every day.

That’s something I’m proud of ❤

Life with pigs | Pax ate my plant — again

Paxton ate my cactus yesterday. Yes A CACTUS.  Lucky for him it wasn’t too prickly.

It’s been cold and dry in Florida so nothing is growing. Which means Paxton and Cooper are bored with the same old half-eaten grass in our yard.

The dynamic duo (though if you ask Michael, it’s all Paxton) has been up to some trouble with all that boredom.

First it was my nice new outdoor sectional. Cooper decided it would make for a comfy spot and Paxton followed suit. I’m pretty sure they even tried to make a fort out of the cushions.

Then they discovered they could reach my plants behind the couch and have a feast.


This WAS my beautiful, luscious plant until the pigs made a meal of it. 

I thought I had outsmarted them, I moved all my plants far away enough from the couch (in theory) that Pax and Coop couldn’t reach them.

Paxton accepted the challenge and went after my 3-foot cactus (pictured above in the “fort” photo behind the center of the couch.)

Michael went out back to check on the boys and found my poor plant half eaten and pulled from its pot.

I googled the plant, like any good pig mom does when their pigs eat things, and come to find out, it’s a Nopal Cactus. It has so many health benefits, we should be eating it too. Go figure.


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