Video: You’ll never be as happy as Cooper with his corn

Sorry to break it to you, you’ll probably never be as happy is Cooper is with an ear of corn. Unless, maybe, you also enjoy running around in excitement with food hanging out of your mouth โ€” which I may have done myself once or twice. Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜€

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Videos | Just some pigs enjoying their pool

We’re only a few weeks into the heat of Florida’s summer and both Paxton and Cooper have wasted no time hopping into the baby pool in their yard. (Mom and dad have a big pool in “our” yard … more about our new house here.)




We moved! Here’s how our pigs handled it

Hello! Sorry I’ve been MIA, we moved, I had a big birthday and, well, life happened!

Our little family moved into a new house not far from our old house about a month ago and we are finally settled in.

Lucky for Paxton and Cooper, they have their own yard! I’m pretty sure that’s a big part of why we chose this house. It also has a pool which I’m so excited for.


The boys have an entire side yard fenced off with a privacy gate that has gate access to the pool and a door to the screened patio. They love it! Probably because there is a ton of fresh grass for them โ€” they about ate us out of house and home at the old house. We learned the hard way we really need to manage what, where and how often they eat the grass or we will be left with a yard of just dirt again.

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It took the boys about 10 days to get settled at the new house. At first they would both stand at the back sliding door and cry and scream to go outside. Cooper is our little screamer, Pax just stands there and pushes Cooper around.


They were both timid of the new house, they seemed afraid to go anywhere but the back door where their crates are located.

Slowly and with plenty of treats they began to explore the house. Cooper even made it all the way upstairs. Paxton not so much, his big butt made it up two stairs before he turned around and headed back down.

I laugh now because as much as I wanted the boys to explore, now Cooper runs our house. That little 22-pound pig jumps in our bed every morning and snuggles under my pillow. I now have to make the bed as soon as we get up or he’ll make his way under the sheets and we are left we dirt in the bed. (life with pigs!)

My advice for moving with pigs:

  1. Be patient! There are new smells, sounds and more they need to get used to.
  2. Check and double check the pig yard. I walked around several times looking for anything in the grass that could harm them such as nails. We also checked the fence for holes or weak spots and check all plants! I used a plant identifying app to check every plant in our yard to make sure it wasn’t toxic for pigs or dogs.
  3. When they establish an area they feel safe, sit in their area with them. I did this with the boys at the back door; I’d sit on the floor and scratch them.
  4. Slowly encourage them to explore. Sit in different areas with treats and more than likely, they’ll follow.
  5. If they’re OK with it, assist them in finding cozy places. Pax loved the couch at our old house so I picked him up and put him on the new couch until he finally figured out where the couch was and how to get up on it himself. He still has a hard time getting down so he likes to stand with his hooves on the arm rest and watch everyone.
  6. Get back to your old routine ASAP. This can be hard with moving and unpacking but a routine helped the boys settle. Our routine: the boys stay outside until about 8 p.m. then they both come in and the whole family sits on the couch together. Call us crazy, but it’s our favorite part of the day! Everyone, boys included, have their own spots.

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Cooper (in above video) enjoying our very overgrown grass.

By the numbers: Pax at the art fest

Paxton got a new wagon so he could go on adventures without having to walk. We took him to an art festival in Juno Beach, Florida and we was SO good.

He never tried to jump out and was very accepting to people petting him.

Of course I rewarded him with treats (apple and carrot slices).

Here’s what went down:

4: people who asked if we were going to fatten him up and eat him (rude!)

3: people who forced their dog on Pax without asking — he snapped at two which was his right to

1: person who dumped popcorn in Paxton’s wagon (he sorta asked so it was OK)

4: amount of new Instagram followers we gained

2: People who asked if we were getting Paxton beer (no, pigs can’t have beer)

1: kid who tried to hitch a ride on our wagon

0: pieces of art mom & dad actually purchased

40: people who asked to take photos

40ish: People who did not ask and just took photos (no big deal but I appreciate people asking)

50ish: people who asked to pet Paxton

60ish: people who did not ask to to pet Paxton (again, not a big deal but it’s nice when people ask!)

80ish: people who asked how big Pax will get (we don’t know, and that’s OK!)

3: drinks mom and dad each had to manage the anxiety of so many people!

40: carrots some random art seller gave us because he was going to just throw them all away

200: People we educated about pigs which makes EVERY SINGLE BIT OF THIS WORTH IT!

If you give a pig a bath …

Bath time with two pigs is kind of like bath time with a hurricane. The only difference is there’s squirming, screaming and squealing.img_4123.jpg

Paxton and Cooper LOVE to play in the dirt so they need a weekly bath.

But we’re lucky if we get the boys in a bath every other weekย โ€” er, month.

But I’ve found a way to make bath time a Category 1 rather than a Cat. 5.

Peanut butter.

I guess it’s more like peanut butter smeared on the side of the tub.

I smear a bit on each end of the tub, plop both boys in front of their smear, roll up my pants and sit on the side.

It works like a charm unless one finishes his peanut butter before bath time is over, one realizes the other has more peanut butter (geeze, mom), I dump too much water on their face and interrupt the peanut butter eating, or if bath time ends before they finish eating the peanut butter and they insist on standing in an empty tub until every last bit is gone (pictured above).

And by the time bath time is over, their faces are completely covered in peanut butter and I have to wipe their faces before I pull them out of the tub. It’s usually about this time one or both is throwing a piggy tantrum. Yes that’s a thing.

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After Micheal and I do our best to dry them (he’s better at it) Cooper finds the nearest blanket to burrow in. Meanwhile, Pax runs around the house rubbing up against furniture to dry himself — which I should mention, looks like he’s twerking.

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More tipsimg_4132

  • Be careful not to get water in their ears
  • They don’t mind water in their face if it’s poured slowly
  • Their hooves slip, use a mat or I use my feet as support behind their back feet when I scrub them
  • Wash their hooves
  • The soap I use was recommended by my vet (pictured)

A birthday cake fit for a pig

img_4797Paxton turned one this week and like any good pig mom I made him his own birthday cake.

It was a peanut butter and apple cake with peanut butter frosting topped with strawberries and bananas.

Spoiled pig, right? He chowed the entire thing down in two bites.

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Cooper and Casey each got a little slice of cake, too. But because all three are a little lot crazy, they all ate separately.

Yes, I pulled the candle out before Pax had the chance to eat it.

Happy Birthday, Pax! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

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Fun facts

Favorite food: Everything? Probably watermelon or peanut butter
Favorite music: Piano puts him to sleep but he danced with his grammy to
“Gin and Juice”
Favorite toy: Tissue paper and paper towel plastic wrap (everything but real toys)
Favorite person: Mom, though he’s really warming up to dad
Favorite spot to nap: The bed in the extra bedroom
Tricks: Can sit and spin, will sometimes close doors
Loves to:ย Roll in mud, take the boat to the sandbar, take naps with mom, bite toes until he gets food, have his belly rubbed