Pigs, the holidays and more random stuff


I haven’t posted in more than six months so here’s a smorgasbord of what’s been going on and a promise to get back to posting regularly.

First, Happy New Year! I’m sure you’ll agree when I say WTF happened in 2018 and how did it go by so fast?

I’m happy to report, I survived the holidays, including having eight people stay with me for a few days. Thank God I live in house that comfortably fits everyone β€” and for wine and its ability to make all things better.img_3112

Paxton and Cooper survived our house guests. They are like toddlers (seriously!) and get cranky without naps but all the snacks helped. Paxton is a mama’s boy and really only wants snuggles from me, but Cooper will hang with anyone. He sat with my grandmother for two hours soaking up all the love 😍

They only almost got out of the yard once and Cooper peed in the house four times πŸ™„ but we did survive.

Cooper is good about not peeing inside unless he’s off his routine which he most definitely was.

The weather wasn’t great, but we did sneak in a nice boat day to the sandbar. Casey joined us, but Paxton and Cooper had to sit this one out.


Presents for piggies

I’m that mom that orders Christmas gifts for her pigs. I know you’re not surprised. I order “stockings” from Snout Sisters Mini Pig Stuff. The bags all the goodies came in were adorable and the boys loved the pumpkin seeds and other fun stuff inside. I loved supporting a small business and I got some fun things, too 🐷 Casey stole the stuffed toys from both bags right away 🀣



Going Veggie

I started this blog a while back to share my experiences of adopting pigs and giving up meat with the intention of going vegan.img_3115

I’m happy to share that I have not eaten meat in a year and a half and most days I am completely plant-based. Of course, things like holidays happen and I dabble in dairy, and every so often, I’ll eat seafood just to make my (and everyone else’s) life easier. If I have to choose between a lame salad at a restaurant or shrimp tacos, um, tacos, please.

I’m still 100 percent happy with my choice to quit meat (more about that here) mostly because I don’t want to contribute to the demand for animal products and support factory farming. I also want to look at my babies, (Pax and Coop) and know I’m doing my part to not partake in the slaughter of animals.

More random stuff

I’ve been on break from school for about two months. I’m working toward a master’s degree in digital and social media. I have one more hard semester, then over the summer I have a capstone class and I’ll finally be done.

The pigs are great, Cooper learned over the summer to jump in the big pool and cool off in the shallow end. Pax hates the big pool but will roll around in his little pool.


Cooper is fattening up (finally!). He came to me at 14 pounds and is about 22 pounds now. Every now and then, someone will say something on Instagram accusing me of underfeeding him. I get pretty offended. I know they are looking out for all pigs and that some people and breeders will purposely underfeed, inbreed and ween early to make pigs smaller. I do everything in my power to make sure I have happy, healthy pigs.

So no, Cooper is not underfed. But I don’t know his history and he does show signs that he was “abused” early on in life, as in things were done to make him small. I in no way support this. There is no such thing as a teacup or micro pig. A mini pig is anything under 300 pounds! You never really know how big a pig will get and I knew that going into pig adoption in the first place.

I’m working on a post about a pig I helped recently, stay tuned.

Anyway, that’s enough blabbing for now. Let me know what you’ve been up to πŸ˜€

And again, I promise to get back to posting more often.



We moved! Here’s how our pigs handled it
Video: Are we natural meat eaters? (hint: no)


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