Vacationing as a veggie and other stuff

I stopped eating meat 10 months ago, it stemmed from adopting my piggies (read more here) yadda yadda, you probably know the details.

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Anyway, Michael and I spent a week in Cape Cod earlier this month and it was the first time leaving our pigs for more than two nights and it was the longest trip I’ve taken since becoming a veggie.

I’ll admit now, I ate a lot of seafood. I don’t normally eat seafood (because fish have feelings, too, duh!) unless I’m in a bind (as in I’ll be stuck eating french fries or some other unhealthy food) or it’s a special occasion.

Cape Cod was a very special occasion. And I really, really wanted to enjoy fish and chips and all the other goods New England has to offer.

First I’ll say the vacation was one of the best I’ve ever had. We stayed at my grandparent’s vacation home in Falmouth (it’s been in the family forever … I know #spoiled). The company was great but what really stood out this time was that I had my anxiety under control, and my meals were (mostly) planned, I didn’t drink much and we stayed active.


I haven’t talked about this much on this blog but I just want to say a few quick things. I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life. Some days are easy, some are hard but I usually manage to get through life without anyone noticing. When I travel, I typically set unrealistic expectations in my head and the trip never lives up to them. DON’T DO THIS. For this trip, I went in with no expectations, no set plans and had a goal to just relax and enjoy myself. And I did.

Side note: my pigs help exponentially with my anxiety! Nothing beats piggy love.


Michael thinks I’m crazy, and TSA did, too, as they pulled out a bag of lemons, protein powder and a giant bag of almonds from my carry-on bag.

I have no shame. The lemons have been crucial in dealing with bloat and I always have a protein bar or powder with me.

The first day we woke up at the Cape, we hit the gym then the grocery store to get all my staples: fruit, veggies, hummus. yogurt, peanut butter and veggie eggs. (Yes, vegetarian eggs are a thing.)

We probably ate more meals at home than out which I’m 100 percent OK with because we make great food! I even had a vegan sausage with those bread-side hot dog rolls (also a thing, Google it) while everyone else ate their dogs.

The few times we did eat out, I definitely enjoyed some fried fish.

We went to my cousin’s house one night, she made kabobs. I asked if she minded if I brought my own kabobs to toss on the grill. Of course she was fine with that (my family is VERY supportive even though grandma forgets sometimes and offers me turkey). I found a veggie kabob kit at the store, threw them together and brought them over to her house.

I don’t want people to go out of their way for me so I try to do all the work if the menu needs to be altered for me.

I have no shame bringing my own food wherever we go. Example: on Mother’s Day, I brought my own giant salad while everyone else ordered takeout.

The piggies

The boys and our dog stayed home with their Grammy. I missed them terribly but I also enjoyed some time away and not getting up a the crack of dawn to feed them — though I admit, Michael is usually the one who gets up with them!

Grammy said they were well behaved. Pax, however, did steal his sister’s dog bed a few times. Paxton does not like when his routine is changed.

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When we arrived home, Pax looked excited to see me for about 10 seconds, then he snubbed me and acted like a brat for the next 18 hours. Clearly he was upset we left him for so long!

He finally gave in the next night, jumped up on the couch and snuggled me hard.



One thought on “Vacationing as a veggie and other stuff

  1. Great story and good as for the rental house. Happy to hear you enjoyed your stay. It was a pleasure having you both with us. Thanks Mike for the nail pulling!


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