Florida got a cold front & my pigs threw a fit

By cold front I mean a low of 48 degrees. My pigs are basically toddlers and threw a tantrum about the weather.

Cooper Juliana pig

Cooper snuggled in a blanket avoiding Florida’s “cold front”.

Paxton and Cooper absolutely love to be outside, but last night and this morning we had to force them (bribe them with Cheerios) out the door to go potty. Pax will suck it up for a few minutes but Cooper just stands at the door and screams.

If I don’t let them back in the door fast enough, they’ll start knocking stuff around on the patio because they run the show.

When they finally (you know, about three minutes later) get to come inside, they jump into their blankets and rub their cold noses on us to warm up. Then they whine and pout for at least 20 minutes so we know how unhappy they are with us.

A few hours later, we do it all over again.

Thanks for the cold front, Florida. Can we have our 70 degree weather back?


And since these two little piggies spent a lot more time inside, I pulled out their “busy boxes” so they can shred paper and drag cardboard around the house. They love it and it keeps them from whining, peeing on the floor and eating phone chargers (Paxton’s specialty). I love busy boxes because they wear these piggies out!



(Note: I know pigs don’t adapt well to temperature changes. We don’t leave our pigs outside for longer than we need to or than they choose to be out. And when they come in, they are spoiled and snuggled until they feel better.)


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